Black and White Apps

Photo Oct 06, 7 21 00 PMcredittedPP IMG_4001credittedPP

Anomaly Information
Device: iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5
iOS: 8.0.2
Description: When Spotlight is opened, all the the apps are black and white.
Cause: Unknown. Spotlight worked just fine but it was hard to see results without a background. Restarting the device restored normality.
Submitted In Part By: Joel Myers

Connection Gap

Photo Jun 05, 12 08 39 PMcredittedPP

Anomaly Information
Device: iPhone 4s
iOS: 7
Description: The information bar is blue, as when a device is connected to your iPhone’s hotspot, but the description (how many devices, etc.) is not, there is just a gap between the information bar and the apps.
Cause: Connecting to the iPhone as a network device from a computer while the iPhone is plugged in and then disconnecting.