What is iOS Anomalies?
iOS Anomalies is a site for collecting mistakes in the software on mobile devices. The site is community supported, accepting submissions at iOSAnomalies.com/submit. Anomalies that don’t have “submitted by” listed in the information were found by the site owner.

What’s the point of iOSAnomalies.com?
iOS Anomalies is designed just to build community and have fun using our iDevices. Someday, I see iOS Anomalies as being a place people can tell Apple what problems they have found so they can be fixed in the next iOS version. Kind of like engaging the whole world in one big beta test. But that’s a long ways out. 🙂

Are these anomalies real? They look photoshopped.
All incoming anomalies are screened by the site owner screen for fakes. If you find an anomaly that you think isn’t real, please leave a comment to ask the site owner or submitter of that anomaly to substantiate their claims. If it truly looks like it is fake after review, the anomaly will be removed.

How do I find an anomaly?
Great question! The short answer is just use your device and be ready to snap a screenshot. Some useful tips for encountering more of them are,

  1. Try doing something that you haven’t done before. Like sliding your lock screen to the left instead of right.
  2. Try doing something differently than you usually do. Like using Siri to switch conversations.
  3. Try doing more than one thing at once; lots of fingers and button pushing at the same time! Like closing an app out of the running queue while sliding the whole queue over.
  4. Just be curious! You never know what you might find when you try looking around with the text viewing bubble.
  5. Check out the already published anomalies that are recreatable for some inspiration to get you started.

How do I submit an error?
Head over to the submit page at iOSAnomalies.com/submit and fill out the form.

Will you publish my email address?
If you include your email address with your anomaly submission, it WILL NOT be published. It will only be used if the site owner has a question for you regarding your submission. NOTE: if you include your email address in the “I want to be known as…” field, it WILL be published with your anomaly.

Why do you need my email? Will you send me spam?
Absolutely not. I hate spam just as much as you do (maybe more). Your email address will not be used for any purposes, except to contact you if there are any questions about your submission.

What about content other people submit?
iOS Anomalies, the site owner, and/or any submitters do not necessarily recommend or endorse content in anomalies. iOS Anomalies will never, ever, ever publish an inappropriate anomaly. However (just like everything else on the internet) you browse the submitter’s website, twitter account, and other third party content, at your own risk. Deal? Deal.

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