Misnumbered Photos

Photo Feb 01, 10 47 32 AMcredittedPP

Anomaly Information
Device: iPhone 5
iOS: 8.1.2
Description: There are only three pictures shown but the header says four items.
Cause: Deleting photos from the map view in the Photos app.
Recreate By: This anomaly only works on photos that have been geotagged. To turn on geotagging go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Camera and grant access. Then, open the photos app and go to the “Photos” tab. Tap the “Collections” arrow on the upper left. Then tap the header of one of the photo collections with more than one photo in it. This will show the photos on a map. Tap on one of the locations with pictures and delete one. The picture will disappear but the total at the top will remain the same.

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